ScoutPro - 240W Powerbank That Fits In Your Back Pocket


Portable power has never been easier or more efficient than with the new Scout Pro!  With a large capacity 20,000mAh backup battery built within, along with 5 convenient ways of charging devices - Scout Pro will keep you charged and ready for all your power needs.

With the latest magnetic charging technology for iPhone 12 devices, Scout Pro will easily align with its built in magnets and fast 15W charging capability!  As well, charge your AppleWatch with its included magnetic charger built within the elegant leather pad.

With dual Type-C outputs, one for 60W and one for 100W charging - enjoy the luxury of powering our MacBook and iPad simultaneously and without interruption.  And if the need is there to power a 5th device, utilize the universal Type-A USB port to power just about anything that needs power, including your Airpods, Bluetooth speaker and more!

Scout Pro - a small, efficient, power house that is built to keep all your devices up and running, where ever you may take them.