Scout Charge - 32W GaN Mini Charger


Power up at home or on the go with this small companion that packs a huge amount of power! Scout Go utilizes the industry’s latest and best technology, by combining gallium nitride (GaN) built within a tiny cube, and a convenient collapsible storage design – you’ll feel right at home when charging any of your devices.

With built-in Power Deliver (PD) capabilities, Scout Go Two puts out up to 32W, which enable to it power your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Surface Pro, tablet or any other power hungry device!

With two Ports - one Type-C and one Type-A - enjoy the added convenience of charging any of your USB power hungry devices with the included USB-A QuickCharge port!


  • Small yet powerful - a perfect travel charging companion!

  • With built-in GaN charging cells, enjoy the latest in premium and safe charging technology

  • Charges MacBook, Surface, iPad, tablets and major mobile phone models

  • With 32W of output power, charge your devices with two included ports - one Type-C and one Type-A standard USB port

    Small, capable, and ready to power your needs – charge your devices and make yourself at home with Scout Go!