POCKiT - The Most Versatile Phone Grip


Everything you need - safely stored in one convenient POCKiT! Meet your phone’s new best friend - the all- in-one solution that has seven essentials in one tidy place.

POCKiT allows you to store up to three cards securely in its slide-in slide-out locker, for quick access. A twist- and-show container hides your SIM card and SIM tool in its base.

POCKiT is more than just storage, it’s also about functionality with a built-in grip and stand feature - you’ll be able to securely hold your device in hand or on a surface in an instant!


  • Stores up to three cards safely tucked away and easily accessible

  • Slide out to grab and to stand - features the easiest grip for selfies, snaps, chats and vids while on the go!

  • Tuck away your SIM card and SIM tool to easily access your essentials any time

  • Comes in a variety of colors, patterns and fun ways to show off your new look!