You've always wanted to connect your phone to your TV, but connecting it has always been a pain. That's why we've made a simple, easy-to-use adapter. EXPAND View from INTELLI is ready to use out-of-the box. Plug one side into your USB C and the other the a HDMI cable. Perfect for TV's, PC's and other HDMI connected devices.


  • Sleek
    When you need a connector, bulk is your enemy. We've made the EXPAND View sleek enough to barely be noticeable.
  • Portable
    The EXPAND View is the perfect tool, wherever you need it. This small adapter easily fits in your pocket, bag, or briefcase.
  • Watch videos, view photos from your phone
    Phone screens have gotten bigger, but not 60 inch, 4k big! Share photos, videos, and more with friends on the big screen with this handy adapter.
  • Connect any USB-C device to HDMI
    As long as you need a USB-C to HDMI connection, the lynkDispaly will get the job done. Connect to computers, laptops, Macs, TV's, projectors, and more!
  • Great for Presentations and Meetings
    The EXPAND View is great for pleasure or for business! Present from your pocket as you connect your phone to a monitor with a HDMI cable. Perfect for a quick meeting or sales presenation.